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Helping the Covid-19 relief effort

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When a chartered plane full of medical supplies for the COVID-19 relief effort gets diverted to LAX who are you going to call?

A chartered plane with 6 truckloads/230 pallets/11,863 cases/13,625,000 eaches (yes 13.6 million) of Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves was diverted to LAX the morning of April 1st and CG/CAT was called upon to distribute these FEMA supplies to our nation’s medical facilities in need. This was no small feat considering the call came in at 12 am and less than 6 hours later CAT had trucks picking up the load and CG warehouse staff was on standby to process the cargo.

Kudos to Custom Goods/Custom Air Trucking for successfully completing this mission in an efficient and timely manner.

We have since successfully distributed 8 additional charters of medical supplies for the COVID-19 effort.