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Adding Value To Your Supply Chain

Our full range of distribution and fulfillment services lessen complexities for our partners to optimize inventory control, reduce business cost, improve financial returns, and help provide outstanding services to their customers.

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Specialty Freight Forwarding Services

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Our automotive program provides efficient and reliable solutions for auto manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. We help you avoid production delays or disruptions and ensure the smooth operations of manufacturing and assembly processes. We offer Next Day Air Freight Service, Freight Service (Ground and Ocean), Air Freight Containerized Services, Same Day Service Parts Delivery, FTZ Freight Processing (Ocean and Air) Parts Inspection/Return, and Product Storage.

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This program is designed to fit the specific needs of online retailers and businesses engaged in e-commerce. Our program features scalable fulfillment solutions, seamless integrations with major e-commerce platforms, inventory and backorder/return management and a claims portal.

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Specialty Freight Forwarding Services

From Air container service to your door and expedited delivery of critical parts, to local trucking and next day/deferred services covering all neighboring islands in Hawaii, we provide tailored solutions. Our specialty freight forwarding services ensure damage protection and thorough parts inspection programs, while our product storage and consolidation services streamline operations for maximum efficiency.

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Sustainable Energy

Our sustainable energy program supports the renewable energy industry by providing specialized services in solution design, location selection, warehouse and inventory management, and quality control inspection services. By addressing the unique challenges of the green energy industry, the program helps to reduce environmental impact and accelerate the adoption of clean and sustainable energy solutions.

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Safety Is No Accident

Intense safety is our priority. We cultivate a workplace where employees feel secure and confident in their tasks. We prioritize safety and safeguard the integrity of the company’s operation by implementing regular equipment inspections, routine safety training, and scheduled maintenance for warehouse components. Every aspect of the operation, from regular warehouse inspections to handling hazardous materials, is approached with a focus on safety.

Solutions To Keep You Ahead Of The Curve

From in-depth requirements analysis and planning requirements definition to strategic location identification, our expert team ensures your warehousing needs are fully understood and met. With process design and optimization, material and information flow analysis, and meticulous process flow design, we create streamlined workflows tailored to your business.

We optimize storage methods, and utilize cutting-edge material handling equipment, robotics, and automation to maximize productivity. Our expertise in inventory and SKU management, along with precise workforce planning, guarantees seamless operations. Finally, our integration capabilities enable seamless systems integration, empowering your business with advanced technology solutions.

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Who We Do It For

It’s not about what we do. It’s about how we can help you do what you do. Whether you operate in e-commerce, retail, or manufacturing we have the expertise to optimize your operations. Our systems and integrations seamlessly handle high volumes of orders, ensuring fast and accurate fulfillment. From food and beverage to electronics and beyond, we empower businesses to achieve operational excellence.

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Centrally Located To You

With 26 locations, and growing, along with our customized solutions, we are where you need us to be. With easy access to major transportation routes, our facilities ensure efficient distribution and reduced shipping times, giving you a competitive edge in meeting customer demands

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